Keeton Corrections, Inc. has been actively involved in the provision of residential, community-based correctional programs since 1982. Our task is to assist individuals involved in any phase of the correctional system in finding, and maintaining suitable employment, resolving personal difficulties, defining, and/or establishing healthy peer and family relationships, and planning for a successful reintegration into general society.



1) Operate clean and safe facilities that provide a high degree of accountability for the safety of our staff, our residents, and our communities.

2) Maintain a leadership role in the field of private community corrections programs.

3) Continually update and introduce new technological advances in the field of community corrections management.

4) Find innovative solutions for quality enhancement of programs and services provided to contract sources.

5) Seek ancillary contracts at all facility sites which can supplement our revenue-producing potential.

6) Pursue new facility contracts which meet our size and geographic requirements for quality and profitability.

7) Ensure that all facilities, programs, services, and personnel meet or exceed community correctional standards.

8) Forge strong relationships with local law enforcement and community groups in each of our host communities.

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